Training a team of Learning Disability Specialists

I am so excited to confirm that at the beginning of October I will be training an amazing team of people in the Ignition Card Facilitation system. The family of students they work with has a diverse range of learning and physical disability and are such a vibrant group of amazing people I cannot wait to meet up with them again.

During a trail visit in July both the staff members and students shared a lovely morning using the Ignition Cards. During a simple exercise, everyone present had a gentle experience of choice and responsibility and an opportunity to speak up and share what the images and words on the cards meant to them. The openness with which everyone connected and shared and supported those who found the experience less easy was a privilege to be part of. And it wasn’t always the students who struggled the most…

The decision to train every staff member to use the Ignition Card Facilitation system has been welcomed by all the staff members and here at Emmy Yeadon Associates we are pretty pleased too! More about the day and how these inspirational people use the Ignition Cards to make a difference to the lives of their students coming your way in October.