I have found that Emmy provides CPD of a quality that has never been achieved by any course or workshop I’ve attended. Indeed I have never had such value for money from any other consultant. Her work is so bespoke to the individual / team, that it gets right to the heart of the issue – and beyond. She has done some powerful work with many individuals on the staff as well as working effectively with teams.

On a personal level, working with Emmy has helped me to become a better leader. I’m more strategic and make better decisions. I am also less emotional and generally more professional. Most importantly though I have come to realize that despite honing these skills, I can still be the compassionate Head Teacher that I’ve always been determined to be.

Maria, Head Teacher, Raynville Primary School
The client’s I have used the cards with have all been really surprised at the impact using them made… everyone has been impressed if not shocked at how quickly issues, thoughts and feelings were accessed just by looking at an image or processing a word. Each client has been impacted by the simplicity yet profound depths the cards have taken sessions.

Having used the cards multiple times, the feedback has always been positive and clients have remarked what an impact the cards made. Something so simple, yet significantly useful at gaining perspective, understanding and making connections of thoughts, feelings and past issues affecting the present and helping with communication.

Ignition cards are an easy and effective way to give a session focus and direction
The genius behind the cards is the fact they access both sides of the brain and help individuals process in ways that are emotionally safe for them.

I cannot recommend Ignition Cards enough…

Gemma, Acorns to Oaks Therapy
As an individual who approached the cards with an air of scepticism I was really surprised with how positive the experience was. The images helped bring my own thoughts to life and accessed my feelings on a deeper level. The interesting part for me was in turning the cards over and reflecting.

What was great about the cards was that in turning them over at the end and reading the words associated with each image I left the session with more ‘questions and thoughts’. This allowed me to continue working on the coaching sessions without realising I was doing so for days afterwards.

Pete, Princes Trust
The beautiful cards made it much easier to say things that I realise now I needed to say. From a broad and abstract beginning they then allowed the focus to narrow until I put in to words things I hadn’t given myself the time to feel/think about properly before.

I would definitely recommend the Ignition Cards and would like to use them again. They are such an accessible and interesting way of approaching and communicating self-understanding.

Rachel, Purple Patch Arts
I found the cards so useful and positive during my session, this was a totally new experience and so to have something visual and non-threatening to start the process and begin conversations was fantastic

Using images and then linking them, and my emotional response to the words beneath made it a lot easier to explore feelings and created discussions that I believe would not have happened with just a verbal conversation. I would have no hesitation in using them again and recommending them to friends and business colleagues …

i have started to be more honest with myself than i have been for a while in both home and work life. I also really began to think about responsibility and really taking charge of where my responsibility ends and others begins…

The cards made me approach things in a different way and really helped with visualisation of thoughts, Emmy then helped to unpick sort those thoughts into something that I could start to work with.

From using the cards myself I can really appreciate how they can start conversations and thought processes in a non threatening way and as a facilitator I would love to learn to use them.

Bronia, Purple Patch Arts