You want the people in your organization to your share your vision for the future and to Ignite your plans for success. You want them to Connect; to your goals, your values and their colleagues – but first they have to be able to be able to Connect to themselves.

For example: Your business focus may be on sales targets but if a person believes that they can’t sell, aren’t a confident communicator, or have limited self confidence, then their sales results may remain below target.

Ignition Cards work by connecting people quickly and at a deeper level; to the emotions, feelings and beliefs that may be holding them back from success. Once people are able to Connect to themselves and their own potential they find it easier to identify the specific areas they want to work on; either to minimize the ‘blockers’ holding them back or to Ignite their performance and results.

‘Introduction to Ignition Cards’ Training Day

This ensures that the results of Coaching and other facilitation techniques using Ignition Cards are beneficial to each individual, their colleagues and the business as a whole.

We will train your Coaches, Mentors and L&D team to use Ignition Cards to enhance their current skills and expertise. During the training they will learn to quickly and easily access the deeper feelings and emotions that may be holding people back from achieving the results they are capable of.

Ignition Cards are also effective for use with teams; enabling them to engage, connect and communicate more effectively with each other.

Ignition Cards are cost effective, easy to use, flexible and portable and are an essential addition to any Facilitator’s ‘toolbox’.

  • Connect at a deeper level almost immediately
  • Get to the heart of a persons beliefs and actions
  • Meet both the Individual’s and Organization’s needs
  • A full workbook of supporting exercises and techniques
  • Measurable outcomes

Because happy people are productive people;

Connect Your People – Ignite Your Business!

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