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How many teaching hours each week are lost in your school due to pupil behavior issues?

Convert this figure from time and into wages – how much is challenging pupil behaviour costing your school on a weekly/monthly/annual basis?

How useful would it be to have a tool that could be used easily and quickly to get to the heart of a pupil’s issues, in a non-threatening and calming way?

Often challenging pupil behaviour can be the consequence of external factors that your support staff may not be aware of and that pupils don’t know how to speak up about. Enabling young people to connect to their feelings and emotions about what’s happening in their lives, in a safe and supportive environment is key to igniting their academic success, and also their lives.

Ignition Cards enable connection at a deeper emotional level almost instantly. And by talking about external images and words (rather than directly about themselves) most young people find it easier to talk about the issues affecting them and how they feel.

‘Introduction to Ignition Cards’ Training Day

No formal Coaching or Mentoring qualifications are needed to work with Ignition Cards*. During the training day your staff members will learn about;

  • Rapport Building
  • Vital Contracting Procedures
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Goal setting
  • ‘Connect to Ignite’ techniques
  • Exercises and techniques
  • Measuring progress

*N.B A half-day ‘Coaching Skills’ session may be recommended for a team with no such training or experience

Positive Connection

Teachers or Teaching Assistants can also use Ignition Cards during 1-2-1 sessions with pupils or with groups e.g. during ‘Circle Time’. These fun sessions introduce the cards to pupils in an inclusive and positive way. By sharing strengths, hopes, fears and laughter a stronger connection can be built between pupils and staff members and also between classmates.

When Ignition Cards are then used during a more stressful situation or when working with a pupil to focus on their behavior, they are more easily accepted and utilized.

Connect Your Students – Ignite their Success!

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