Coaching and Therapy

A Connection and Ignition system for everyone

Whatever your profession, niche or specialism, anyone who facilitates change in their clients whether by verbal or physical means can benefit immediately by using Ignition Cards.

One of the key purposes of any of the above interventions is to enable our clients to connect with themselves at a deeper level than they are currently able to do.

Ignition Cards enable our clients to connect to their sub-conscious minds easily and quickly. They effortlessly connect people to events from their distant and recent past that are impacting on their actions and feelings now; the things that are holding them back in their lives. By talking about the images and words on the cards, rather than directly about themselves, most people find it easier to talk about their experiences and feelings.

As flexible and diverse as you are

Because the images and words on the Ignition Cards access different sides of our brain, it is possible to use them in a huge variety of ways. After your initial training you will be able to follow your own intuition to create unique exercises to meet your client’s needs.

‘Introduction to Ignition Cards’ Training Day

During the introductory training day you will learn about:

  • Vital Contracting Procedures
  • Apophenia
  • Working with our sub-conscious mind
  • Benefits for the Professional Facilitator
  • The ‘Connect & Ignite’ system
  • Exercises and techniques
  • Measuring progress
  • Networking & shared learning

*N.B a half-day ‘Coaching Skills’ session is recommended for anyone with no Coaching/Facilitation training

Team Facilitation

Ignition Cards are an excellent system to use with groups of people, as well as individually. The opportunity to be vulnerable, to learn unexpected things about your colleagues and to speak up in a group is a powerful and dynamic shared experience. Many people see their colleagues, their teams and themselves in a completely new way after working together with Ignition Cards.

Connect Your Clients – Ignite Their Lives!

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